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Cook Costello's team of experienced geotechnical engineers and geologists are passionate and motivated to serve national and international clients.

For over 40 years the geotechnical team have been engaged in a broad range of projects including the investigation and design of building foundations, pavements, earthworks and retaining walls; subdivision suitability assessment, slope stability assessment and stabilisation.

Cook Costello have been proud to help with the Christchurch rebuild, completing over 1000 detailed geotechnical  reports for clients Lumley and IAG.  We understand that while clients spending on below ground structures is not visible, the essence of a stable foundation to build on provides reduced insurance risk, bankability and resale value compared to lesser structures.

Carrying out thorough seismic and liquefaction assessment and analysis with subsequent design of earthquake resistant foundations provides our clients with confidence that their projects will perform through any earthquake event.

Remediation Before and After

Land Slip Remediation: Before and After 

Large Timber Pole Retaining Wall

Large Timber Pole Retaining Wall

Well-planned ground investigations can save costs

Cook Costello has a commitment to carrying out well planned site investigation (SI), and offering a value engineering approach to our clients. In many instances our clients will be unaware of the geotechnical risks to their project and that the overall project costs to address these risks may be reduced through more thorough investigation resulting in less conservative design. A more thorough SI will also reduce the likelihood of unforeseen ground conditions being encountered during construction, at which point it can be very costly to address. Check out the MBIE guidance here

Geo Investigation key to achieving good building performance

Typical Services:

  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Pre-purchase geotechnical assessments 
  • Building foundations - seismic assessment, pile foundations, shallow foundations, raft foundations.
  • Earthquake assessments - liquefaction, bearing capacity strength reduction, horizontal and vertical displacements
  • Ground improvement - bulk earthworks, lime and cement stabilisation,
  • Earthworks - land development, cut fill planning and quantity assessment, construction monitoring
  • Pavements - subgrade investigation and assessment, pavement design
  • Site suitability and feasibility assessments for residential, commercial, industrial and civil infrastructure developments
  • Subdivision feasibility and site suitability reporting for resource consent
  • Emergency works
  • Landslide investigation and remedial design
  • Dam foundation investigations and peer review
  • Bridge foundation investigation and design 
  • Rock bolt design


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