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Typical Services

Cook Costello has over 40 years of specialist geotechnical experience in Northland and a team of expert surveyors. Structural engineering and innovation has been a strength of Cook Costello since establishment in 1976.

We have an impressive team of Engineers including Civil, Geotechnical, and Structural. We can determine just what your needs will be for your construction project and work to find a cost effective engineering design or solution.

At Cook Costello, we have a team who are committed to the recovery efforts of the Kaikoura and Canterbury earthquakes. Our teams nationwide have been able to benefit from this exceptional experience and are passing this on to all our clients as we look at innovative and forward thinking engineering solutions.  Whether it be roading, retaining, effluent, structures or land suitability there is a member of the team who can help you identify what will be required and how we can help.

Whether it's a small retaining wall for a residential home to large corporate and industrial project. Cook Costello has the knowledge and expertise to meet our clients’ needs with quality assured and Site Safe practices.

Our Geotechnical division is fully supported by Geocivil Ltd, New Zealand’s first IANZ accredited CPT testing laboratory.



CASE STUDY: The Palms Lifestyle Village


CASE STUDY: Bream Bay Village 


Concept to Completion - Ocean Beach Bach Northland 


Our experienced & qualified team of surveyors provides a full range of services to meet with clients requirements on any scale of engagement. This may range from the simplest boundary marking for fencing purposes to detailed large scale urban subdivisions.

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Cook Costello has over 40 years specialist geotechnical experience in Northland. Studies have included major foundation investigations for buildings and pavements, geological features mechanical, soil conditions, limitations to development slope stability.  We also do retaining walls, subdivision and earthworks engineering.

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Our specialist team in this area utilised powerful analysis tools to provide our clients with superior outcomes. All aspects have been incorporated into industrial, commercial and residential developments.

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Structural Engineering and innovation has been a strength of Cook Costello since establishment in 1976. Feasibility, analysis, seismic assessment, design, construction monitoring and certification have been completed locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Architectural Services/LBP

Cook Costello can make designing and building your new home as hassle free as possible. We use our  architectural draughting and engineering design skills in tandem to successfully mould our clients projects into  their specific site and environment.

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Project Management

Cook Costello provide Civil Engineering, site supervision and certification services to ensure the success of the project and standards are met. Civil Management requires logical planning, organising and assigning responsibilities, leadership, and quality control. 

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