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Our specialist Civil Engineering team utilise powerful analysis tools to provide our clients with superior outcomes. All aspects have been incorporated into industrial, commercial and residential developments.

All infrastructure solutions are provided including, geotechnical, earthworks, roading, storm water, firefighting, contract documentation and construction.

Roading and Infrastructure

Cook Costello has a strong history in roading former County, District, Private subdivision and international expertise.  

Roads investigated, designed, supervised and certified by Cook Costello have provided for transportation needs of the community and Industry and performed well over many years.

We are passionate and motivated incorporating our intimate understanding of the geological and storm water features into our superior designs.

The work areas we love are:

  • Planning, traffic analysis, feasibility assessments for residential, commercial and industrial roads
  • Surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations for subgrade, pavement, embankments and aggregate testing
  • Geometric design
  • Preparation of contract and tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Site supervision, administration and certification
  • Quality control and testing in association with Geocivil Ltd


Wastewater systems provide treatment and disposal of wastewater for the purposes of public health and maintaining the state of the environment to meet the requirements of the Resource Management Act.

Cook Costello offers a complete range of services and draws on many years of experience in the selection, design and implementation of municipal wastewater treatment and transportation networks.

Typical Services

  • Performance and capacity reviews
  • Investigation and analysis for individual, community, industrial and commercial schemes
  • Assessment of Industrial, Commercial and stock waste
  • Treatment and disposal options, costing and recommendations for client instruction
  • Anaerobic, Aerobic Pond and Wetland design
  • Industrial, hazardous and onsite waste treatment and disposal
  • Preparation of Autocad plans and specifications for construction
  • Contract documentation and tenders using relevant specifications. 
  • Tender assessment and subsequent supervision and administration of contracts.

Cook Costello Engineer  Aaron Parker  presented at the
2016 International 12D Conference in Brisbane
12d to ArchiCAD (IFC Files) & ArchiCAD to 12d (FBX Files).
Creating a better workflow between Engineers, Architects & Surveyors.

12d International Conference presentation by Cook Costello.Aaron presenting at the 12D Conference

Potable Water

Water systems provide treatment and supply of water for the purposes of maintaining life, and public health. Cook Costello has proven experience in investigation of sources for supply, supervision of water extraction and treatment systems, network reticulation analysis design, preparation of contracts.

Typical Services

  • Site investigations and feasibility for single dwellings and community schemes
  • Feasibility studies and recommendations for best disposal options
  • Low flow analysis from streams and bore
  • Investigation and upgrading of existing systems
  • Pipeline and pump station design, contract documentation and evaluation of tenders
  • Construction supervision testing and certification
  • Full network modelling of pumps, valves, junctions, reservoirs, water quality and scheme analysis 

Storm Water

Storm water systems provide safe outlets for the control of water to prevent inundation while meeting natural resource requirements. The complete discipline involves catchment management policies, strategies and management plans; entwined with these are stormwater modelling for hydrology and hydraulics, treatment and quality analysis, design and construction and flood management.

Typical Services

  • Individual onsite and multiple onsite retention systems.
  • Stormwater quality and treatment systems.
  • Low impact Stormwater designs.
  • Individual culverts beneath road ways and curved pipelines.
  • River diversions.
  • Stop bank, flood and inundation protection schemes.
  • Fully piped storm water systems.
  • Open channels.
  • Flood level analysis.
  • Hydrology and hydraulics engineering.
  • Rainfall intensity and peak catchment flows analysed using HIRDS and HEC-HMS modelling tools
  • Analysis and design of streams, rivers, open channels, pipe networks and manholes, retention/detention dams (Dam Safety Scheme Certification), stop banks, flood routing for reservoirs, discharges and water quality
  • Contract documentation and tenders using all relevant specifications, tender assessment.


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