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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering has been a strength of Cook Costello since establishment in 1976. Our team handles every project with passion, enthusiasm and motivation to provide superior outcomes for our clients.

Feasibility, analysis, seismic assessment, design, construction monitoring and certification have been completed through out New Zealand and internationally.

The Cook Costello team have completed numerous commercial structural seismic assessments for industrial, commercial and residential assessments. We follow up with Detailed Engineering Evaluation (DEE) or Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) providing analysis for building and structural solutions to improve our client’s buildings for themselves or their tenants, adding value and security.

Every project is valued, from small retaining walls or simple beams to complex structural systems incorporating soil foundation interactions.

Auckland City Council FAQ - Earthquake Prone Buildings
Christchurch City Council Earthquake Prone Buildings
Wellington City Council Earthquake Prone Buildings Guide


Typical Services:

  • Detailed Structural Design for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Building consent documentation for new buildings, renovations and strengthening
  • Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA), Detailed Engineering Evaluations for Earthquake assessment (DEE)
  • Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP)
  • Earthquake Damage Assessments – insurance assessments, initial evaluation.
  • Bridges - new bridges, assessment and remediation of existing bridges
  • Strengthening unreinforced masonry buildings
  • Seismic retrofit and design for earthquake prone buildings
  • Specific commercial and industrial designs
  • Residential Homes - foundations, beams, frames, trusses
  • Wharf analysis design
  • Earthquake repair measures
  • Collaboration with Architects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Renovations – Beams, Lintels, Bearers, joists, retaining walls and bracing 

Works Have Included:

  • Retail – Supermarkets, Warehouses and offices
  • Structures in the cement industry – Conveyors, cement silos and transhipping facilities
  • Coastal and harbour structures
  • Seismic designs for electrical substations, transformers and towers
  • Assessments of unreinforced masonry buildings
  • Ships lifting gear and slipway design
  • Design and structural analysis of ship components
  • Executive residential homes


Phil Cook

Structural Projects

Business/Commercial Development - Christchurch / 3320 m2 Total Floor Area Utilising Precast Concrete Panel Construction

3DRender of Structural Elements 


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