We work collaboratively with you to design and detail well-performing homes, buildings for life. Using our architectural and engineering design skills in tandem, we are able to successfully form your project to the specific site and environment while guiding you throughout the design process. 

Architectural Services

Pre-design services

Feasibility Study based on location, layout and conditions

Concept development and detailed design

Preliminary design

Draughting – full working drawings for construction and consent

3D Renders

Walk-through and fly-around videos

As-built drawings

Resource consent applications

Procurement on behalf of the client

Contract administration and construction observation

Landscape design

Homestar Assessments

Thermal Envelope Assessments

Whether you are looking at a residential or commercial build, or even alterations to a current building, every one of our projects is sculpted to meet your physical and spatial requirements.

With a wide range of experience ranging from smaller residential add-ons to larger projects such as factories and office buildings, we strive to provide quality solutions that will meet your requirements and minimize long-term running costs. Our collaborative approach ensures that design requirements are met by taking your brief and designing within budget yet providing innovative design solutions taking your idea from concept to reality.

Homestar Designs

Designing for a healthier home, improved thermal efficiency/sustainability and designing for life changes, we can provide you with a better performing home or office for life.  Our Architectural designers can share their knowledge and experience to walk you through the steps of obtaining a Homestar (residential) rating.  We will be able to guide you in the ways you can incorporate sustainable and thermal comfort practices into your project to fit any budget by advising and designing around:

  • Site
  • Energy, Health and Comfort
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Materials
  • Management

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